If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, the products can be returned to ESSENZA HOME free of charge within 14 days after delivery. The free return policy is only valid for shipments within Netherlands. The cost of a return from abroad (outside the Netherlands) are for the consumer. The return has to meet the following conditions:

  • The products are still in the original packaging.
  • All price- and information tags are still attached to the product.
  • The products are undamaged, unused and unwashed.
  • Never return a product without return form. In that case ESSENZA HOME is not able to trace who returned the product.
  • Unstamped packages will be accepted by ESSENZA HOME, but these costs will be passed on to the customer. We do not accept COD packages.
  • Make sure that the original packaging is carefully packed, so the original package is returned to ESSENZA HOME as unscathed as possible.

When an item does not meet these conditions, we can’t take the item back and the purchase amount will not be credited. ESSENZA HOME shall return the article to you. ESSENZA HOME shall return the item at your cost.

Procedure of returns
The following procedure must be followed, if you wish to return (a part of) the order:
1. Send an e-mail with the announcement that a (part of a) package will be returned to Mention the order number, which products will be returned and the reason of the return.
2. After a response of ESSENZA HOME the package can be returned.
3. The box that contained the delivery can be used to return the package to ESSENZA HOME.
4. Download a retour form on the website. The form should be added to the return completely filled out.
5. After ESSENZA HOME has received and judged the return(s), a reaction will be given within 10 working days.

The return costs will be refunded only if the returned products meet the set requirements.

Download Return label(English)

ESSENZA HOME advices to return a package with a "track and trace number". If, for  some reason, the package should not arrive at ESSENZA HOME, the package can be traced. If the package is returned without "track and trace number", this is at the customers risk.

At this moment it is not possible (yet) to return products in the ESSENZA HOME stores.

Returns because of a complaint
When one states in the announcement e-mail about the return that there is a complaint about the product, it is possible that we ask for a picture of the concerning product. Possibly the complaint can already be judged this way.

Justified or unfounded complaint
ESSENZA HOME determines whether a complaint is justified. Examples of justified complaints are:

  • A wrong product
  • A product that is damaged or with a production defect
  • The whole package was damaged during transport

Examples of unfounded complaints are:

  • Tags are no longer attached to the product
  • The product is damaged when put into use
  • The product has been used
  • The product has been washed

What is not included in used or opened products?

  • Once-only fitting of a home coat or bathrobe.
  • Once-only fitting of products from the Homewear and beachwear category.

From an hygienic point of view and to maintain your right to return and warranty, it is necessary to wear undergarment when fitting clothes like beachwear, bathrobes, nightwear, home coats,  kimonos.

When ESSENZA HOME declares a complaint or return as justified, you will receive a message about this and the amount due will be retransferred within 30 days. If the complaint or reason of return is declared unfounded, we will inform you about this. We may ask you for a contribution in the shipping costs.

The product has to be returned in accordance with the return procedure. Within 30 days after delivery and approval of the return, the costs of the product and return will be retransferred, when it's a shipment whithin the Netherlands. To receive a new product, a new order has to be placed in the webstore. For the new order the shipping costs that apply to the country of destination will be calculated.

At this moment it is not possible (yet) to return products in the ESSENZA HOME stores.